"Normal Aint Normal" by Offsides Productions (Episode Editor / VFX)

"Walden Pond Books" by Capsaicinco (Creative Director/Editor/VFX)

"Grand Lake Theatre Reopening" by Capsaicinco (Director/Producer/Editor)

Sharper Image - SoundHaven Wireless Earbuds (Editor/VFX/GFX)

Oakland Unified School District: A Student Success Story (Editor)

UroLift - Theater (Editor/VFX Supervisor)

SALESFORCE - Pink Shirtmaker is a Trailblazer (Editor)

LITTLE PASSPORTS - Broadcast Ads (Editor)

SALESFORCE - J.R. Hildebrand is a Trailblazer (Editor)

LEGO - Superheroes Movie maker App Promos (Director/Editor)

FEVER DREAMS: Phil Tippett and the Making of Mad God VR (Director/Editor)

Medi-Cal Is Me (Editor)

MAMMOTH LIFE - Teen Dreamin' (Director)

MIRA COOK - Drum Machine (Director/Editor)